Graphic design that reflects the unique story of your brand


What can Window Stories mean for your brand?

Window Stories is a designstudio based in Amsterdam. Whether you starting out or stepping up, Window Stories will make the design that reflects the unique story of your brand. Together we can create the visual identity that best defines your brand. Visual Identity is more than just a logo, we can create all marketing materials you need? Curious?

Let’s have a coffee and chat!Let’s have a coffee and chat!

Starting out?

This means creating a visual identity; its more than just a logo; we can create the whole package; from a business card to a billboard. We offer the whole range, you can decide what suits you best!

I'm CuriousI'm Curious

Stepping up?

When you have the basics covered for your visual identity but still want to give your brand an extra boost? Let’s up your game by creating custom illustrations so you can sent out newsletters  to your audience or for a fresh new website.