What’s important is the unique story your brand has to tell; your brand identity.

This story can be in anything; maybe you work in traditional ways or your brand has a unique way of doing business. What part of your business do you want to focus on?


Visual Identity


Based on the first meeting and the Brand Identity the design for the visual identity will be made. With all this information the perfect design can be made to tell the unique story of your brand. Window Stories specializes in setting up new brands and designing their visual identity.

Website Design


The place to let your business thrive!

We will create the perfect design for your website.

What design elements will the visual identity entail?


What if I already have a visual identity?

. Logo

. Color Palet

. Typeface Selection

. Icons, patterns and/or illustrative elements

If you have any extra wishes these can be included to!

That’s great! (if you are happy with it) that means we already have a great starting point.

Not so happy with it? We’ll make a plan how to make (gradual) changes.



What better way to see what Window Stories can do for brands then looking at the portfolio?